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 08-29  32-39  40-45                                                         48-55

 V I E W P O I NT  F I GU R E S  S T O R I E S                               T R VA L L I N G

 引子   Introduction  01  财务管控守住合规红线  16  多哈新机场 CP61 项目仲裁历程  28  记忆   Memories                         46~47
 Financial Control Should Not   The Arbitration Process Of CP61 Project
 价值观:良法善治之源  Cross Compliance Red-Line   Of New Doha Airport   改革,是当时最主要的工作
 Sense Of Value: Good Governance                              The Major Work Currently Is Reform
 Comes From Good Law  数十载,也是风雨也是晴  18  老孟   Lao Meng  30~31                                          48~55

 微讯   Microinfo  04~07  Decades Of Storm And Sunny Days  法人    四方   Travelling
          Legal Person                                        意外的美好                                  48
 投资全过程管控的三个核心环节  20                                           Pleasant Supprise
 视点   Viewpoint  08~29  Three Core Aspects Of Whole Process   人物   Figures  32~39
 Control Of Investment                                        在时光里呼吸                                 51
 法治       行走云端的塔吊司机                              32
 The Rule Of Law  从星星之火到燎原之势  21  Tower Crane Driver Walking On The Cloud  Breathing The Old Time
 Legal Work And Capacity Increased                            锦城之春                                   52
 法治央企建设  抓牢“三个必须”  10  Over Time  钱方:建筑师应回到对     36
 Central Corporations Construction  “普适性”建筑的关注                Flowerging Spring City Of Chengdu
  Should Follow Rule Of Law,   111 倍功效的瘦身要诀  23
 And Stick To “The Three Musts”  Qian Fang: Architects Should Draw Back  去乌尔禾“捡玉”                    54
 Effective Risk Control Over Contracts   Their Attention To Generaly Accecpted
 By Legal Department Decreased  Architecture                  “Searching For Jade” At Urho
 依法治企:改革发展的“新常态”  12  Number Of Law Suits
 Corporate Governance According To   城事   Stories  40~45       身边   Around                           56~61
 The Law: “The New Norm”Of   项目法务发展之“道”  24
 Reform And Development  The Ways Of Development Of Project   在阿尔及利亚建筑中国奇迹  40  中建“达人梦”
 Legal Work  Chinese Miracle In The Architectural             “Talent Dream”Of CSCEC Staff
 依法而治须与管理深度融合  14  Project In Algeria
 Corporate Governance According To   海外法务工作的“十大秘诀”  26         看见   See                              62~69
 The Law Should Be Deeply Integrated  在路上        45           春天的故事
 With The Management  “Ten Secretes”Of Legal Work At Overseas   On The Road  Tale Of Spring Time
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